BCBF Golden Pints

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Published on December 17, 2018

We’ve been asking for your thoughts on social media for your highlights of the festival. At long last, here’s a round-up of the year, BCBF style, with your thoughts alongside ours!

Best UK Brewery

We said: Left Handed Giant. We brewed our festival beer with Brizzle favourites LHG, who’re absolutely knocking it out of the park at the moment. We can’t wait to see what they get up to once Finzel’s Reach is up and running! Shout out goes to Lost & Grounded too, because, well Keller Pils.

You said: Left Handed Giant, Verdant. It’s no surprise that the hometown heroes get your vote, and nor is the vote for Verdant! Some of the UK’s very best beers are coming out of the South West at the moment, and these are two breweries who are absolutely killing it.

Best International Brewery

We said: Dry & Bitter. We shipped Soren over from Copenhagen to help brew the festival beer, and for good reason! We loved every beer they poured over the weekend, and it seems you lot did too!

You said: Collective Arts, Brouwerij Alvinne. Canada’s Collective Arts have recently been taking the UK by storm, and showed off their collaborative flair with their stand showcasing their label artists, Illustrate, and their work. Belgium’s Brouwerij Alvinne’s barrel-aged and mixed-fermentation sours always impress anyone with a slightly tarter tooth, and the beers they brought this year were exquisite.

Best UK Beer

We said: Boxcar’s Dark Mild. Mild’s seeing somewhat of a renaissance recently, and Boxcar’s darker version really hit the spot. Honourable mention goes to The Kernel’s Table Beer for being infinitely quaffable and refreshing in equal measure.

You said: Harbour Brewing’s Helles. As well as bringing some of their new mixed-fermentation brews, as part of their From the Hinterland range, Harbour poured a trusty favourite—their Helles. Perfect for when the sun was shining, or for an evening dancing.

Best International Beer

We said: To Ol’s Roses Are Brett. To Ol always bring their A Game, and this year was no exception. A little funk, a little fruit, and a little sourness came together in this incredible beer.

You said: Lervig’s Toasted Maple Stout. This beer quickly sold out at our other festivals, and it’s easy to see why. Adjunct stouts are one of Lervig’s specialities, and this beer is one of the best.

Best Collab

We said: Space Time Stout Ed. 03. Not that we’re biased (…we are), but how often do you see three of the UK’s best breweries team up with a Scandinavian giant? We LOVE this beer.

You said: Burnt Mill x Finback. Although they’re only young, Burnt Mill are already making a huge name for themselves with their amazing hop-forward beers. They teamed up with New York legends Finback to brew Sleeping Giants, a hazy, juicy, smooth DIPA. A giant of a beer indeed.

Best Festival Shenanigans

We said: Siren. Siren’s Brand Ambassador Ruben always brings the party, and make no mistake, he did at BCBF.

You said: Siren! Clearly Ruben’s dancing made an impression…

Best Raise The Bar Brewery

We said: Boxcar. Dark Mild. Need we say more?

You said: Unity. Unity’s Belgian-inspired beers really made an impression on people across our three festivals, but perhaps here the home advantage gave them the edge. We could really go for one of their Belgian IPAs right now…


Best Food

We said: Eatchu. Eatchu’s gyoza made the perfect snack to pair with any number of beers, or as a meal with rice and salad. Japanese food might not be the beer pairing you immediately think of, but judging by Eatchu’s offerings, it really should be.

You said: Asado. Asado’s burgers really blew our minds this year, and judging by the queues, they blew yours too! Are they the best burgers we’ve ever had? They’re certainly up there.


2018 was our biggest and best BCBF yet, and we’d like to thank everyone involved for helping us throw such a special party. Here’s to 2019. 🎉🏆🍺